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Mobile Homes give families the opportunity to have affordable accommodations. Finding the balance between quality and competitively priced components is especially important in this industry.

Velonix has been a preferred partner because we are able to provide axle components that deliver on quality and price. Mobile Homes play a major role in housing people in times of natural disasters. FEMA has worked with Velonix's customers to build thousands of units used in catastrophic situations such as hurricane Katrina.


There are approximately 15 million heavy-duty trucks and trailers travelling across North American highways. We rely on them to transport dry goods, agricultural products, livestock and petroleum.

Velonix sells components to suspension, axle, wheel-end, truck and trailer manufacturers with axle weights ranging from 15,000 to 50,000lbs. Our products meet the stringent quality specifications that are standard in the heavy-duty industry and are in place to maintain a safe highway environment.

Velonix is a trusted supplier and our products are 100% standard at many OEM facilities.

Velonix sells components to axle manufacturers of light to medium duty recreational vehicle (RV) and trailer manufacturers.
The axles range in weight between 2,000 and 15,000 lbs. These trailers have been a part of the American culture for decades. Many families have enjoyed affordable camping and cross country vacations using RVs.
Utility trailers are staples for families and used to haul boats and snowmobiles, carry equipment for yard work and home improvement projects and even transport personal belongings and take children to and from college. Velonix components are a trusted part of many of these axle suspensions.

Velonix works with the dynamic mining sector, which is key to the US economy and the heartland.

Customers depend on us to provide them with high quality bearings and castings, which are integral components for conveyor idlers and pulleys used in above ground and underground mining and construction industries.

We supply specialty regreasable or sealed ball bearings and offer modified geometry tapered roller bearings which extend bearing life by giving higher radial and dynamic load ratings. Velonix is a standard with organizations that are at the forefront of belt haulage equipment.


Velonix markets its OEM approved components in the replacement market. Our products can be found at dealers, retail establishments and repair shops. We are well known for boxed bearings and large trailer springs.

Velonix's boxed bearing program has grown substantially; distributor private label brands are being recognized all over North America and are a win-win situation for both the distributors and end users. The market is rewarded with a competitively priced bearing alternative to national brands that delivers on performance without compromising on quality.

We partner with distributors to develop and design creative packaging.

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