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Velonix offers customers multiple solutions to meet their shipping and delivery needs.


Our products are sold by container, truck, pallet, carton and crate quantities. Shipments made directly from China in container loads are the most economical.


However, for customers who prefer shorter lead times and smaller lots, pallet, crate or carton quantities are generally preferred. For many other customers, a combination of delivery options works best, where they receive goods directly from China, but partner with us to keep a buffer inventory in North America, in the event of an unpredictable spike in demand.

Velonix stocks and releases product domestically from a network of warehouses located throughout North America. Each location is strategically placed to be within close proximity to our customers. We work closely with each customer to manage inventory, track shipments and ensure just-in-time deliveries.

Our warehouse locations are:

Birmingham, Alabama; Baltimore, Maryland; Dallas, Texas; Elkhart, Indiana; Sioux Falls, South Dakota; Toronto, Ontario.

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