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Velonix supplies bearings, springs, castings and forgings to original equipment manufacturers (OEM) and replacement part distributors in the light, medium and heavy duty trailer and bulk material handling industries. Over the years, our experienced management and sourcing teams have established an elaborate network of global suppliers. We have imported products from Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Argentina, Brazil, India, Romania, Russia, and Canada. Today, all of our products are manufactured in the People's Republic of China.

Every year we obtain superior ratings for on-time deliveries and exceptional customer service from our customers. We continue to remain humbled and proud of these achievements, as we aspire to meet these expectations year after year

The company promotes a culture of flexibility and has been able to demonstrate the ability to embrace and respond to change.

Our organization has adapted to reflect the global changes in politics, economics and technology. Bearings have emerged to become our largest product offering.

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