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Our factories have numerous mechanical presses, electric screw presses, hammers and rolling machines. We primarily forge medium carbon steel and chromium alloy steels. We have heat treatment facilities for quenching, tempering, annealing and normalizing. We can forge components as light as 1/2 Lb and up to 300 Lbs and up to 5 feet long. We currently forge:

• Spindles For Recreational Vehicle Axles (2-15 Lbs)

• Spindles For Heavy Duty Trailer Axles (11 -20 Lbs)

• Spindles for the Mobile Home axles (3-3 1/2 Lbs)

• Steering Knuckle For Heavy Duty Trailer Axles (65 Lbs)

• Walking Beam For Heavy Duty Truck Suspensions

(120-300 Lbs)

• Brake Spiders For Heavy Duty Trailer Axles (9-16 Lbs)

• Torsion Arms For Axles Rated at 2,000 to 7,000 Lbs

(2-15 Lbs)


The key to improved braking lies in the design of the magnet.  


Our magnet generates a greater pulling power than others do at the same amperage.  This simply means a stronger brake with less amperage.


Our individually molded brake shoes are fully cured and surpass industry standards.  Additionally the shoes are fully bonded for maximum brake torque and are of circular ground for no “beach marks”. 


Another feature of the brake shoes is that they are ground with tapered edges to prevent brake lock up and seizure. Velonix uses Axletek technology which is CSA Approved (CSA CAN3-D313-M85 Certified by the CSA Group and QAI). 


Our brake foundry is TS16949/QS9001 certified and utilizes SAE N, which already meets the 2025 Environmental requirements of California and Washington State.  The foundry is fully integrated and make their our friction material, metal shoes, magnets and backing plates.  They also do their own binding and e-coating.  The foundry lab has its own Dynamometer and Dynamic Torque tester and Salt Spray tester.


We primarily cast SAE G3000 and a variety of ductile irons such as 60-45-12. We have annealing capabilities for our ductile castings. We currently cast:

• Wheel Brake Drums For 3,500 Lbs Axle (26 Lbs)

• Wheel Idler Hub For 3,500 Lbs Axle (11 Lbs)

• Machine Nuts and heads for conveyor Industry


In addition, we offer custom finishes to our springs on request. Normally our springs have a protective paint finish, but we can provide springs that have extended rust protection to meet applications that need this requirement.


Common leaf springs are supplied with double eye, or slipper springs with an open eye, hook end, flat end or radius end.


We also sell leaf springs with trimmed or tapered ends for heavy duty tractor trailer applications.



Velonix tapered roller bearings are suitable for light to heavy load applications in the automotive, heavy-duty trailers and conveyor industries. Its design consists of separable rings; an inner ring or cone, outer ring or cup and tapered rollers. This type of bearing is suitable for a combination of radial and thrust loading, with a steeper contact angle allowing for larger thrust loads.

Velonix tapered roller bearings are available as single cups or cones, or supplied as matched bearing sets.

Velonix spherical roller bearings are suitable for high load applications such as rolling mills, paper mills and power transmissions. Its typical spherical outer raceway design allows for its self-aligning capability. Its inner and outer race is non-separable, and rollers have a curved generatrix allowing for high load carrying capacities.


Velonix deep groove ball bearing assemblies is the Conrad radial ball bearing style. The assembly consist of inner and outer rings, balls separated by a retainer and a contact seal or shield. Different seal and shield configurations are available for excluding contaminants and retaining the factory filled lubrication.

We offer electric motor quality (EMQ) ball bearings for applications where low noise and vibration is a critical factor.

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