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Velonix has established itself as a specialist in global sourcing. We have built up an extensive network of connections within the industry which complement our own sourcing capabilities.
Over the years, our efforts have led us to a diverse pool of factories, in over 12 countries, ranging from large metropolitan cities to remote countrysides. These varied business situations have added to our experience and strengthened our sourcing proficiency. We continue to achieve success in a global market at a time when competition, the growth in local manufacturing demands and the emerging valuation of foreign currencies have made it an increasingly challenging environment for businesses to find pragmatic and profitable.


Velonix's sourcing and procurement is guided by full time teams at our headquarters in The Bahamas, as well as our sourcing center in China. They are committed to fulfilling the organizations core competency of providing our customers with the best possible product solutions available. In order to achieve this, they are constantly researching, qualifying and evaluating prospective factories and new products.

While our team searches for sourcing opportunities worldwide, China continues to be confirmed as the best option for providing quality and value for the dollar in our industries. We are fortunate to have a strong and talented group that combines local Chinese expertise with international knowledge and exposure. In addition to prospecting, our sourcing office is also responsible for managing the day to day operations with our factories. This allows us to have clear communication and establish proactive problem solving.


Velonix has formed alliances with some of the largest world class manufacturing factories in China, all of whom meet stringent North American quality standards. Many of them are affiliated with western automotive companies such as Volkswagen, Citroen, Audi, Fiat, Nissan, Toyota, Chrysler, and aviation companies such as Rolls Royce and Boeing.

All of our partners are either ISO-9001, ISO/TS-16949, ISO-9002 and/or QS9000, as audited by American or European registrars. Our organization regularly invests into our suppliers equipment, quality systems and management style to ensure that they remain compliant with domestic and international manufacturing standards and that they are operating using globally accepted best practices.

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